Waiheke's best kept secret...

Art Gallery

An onsite Art Gallery showcasing the owners own work alongside other selected local and NZ artists.

Ceramics by: Amanda Olson * Cheryl Oliver * Margaret Bell * Royce McGlashen * Kim Rochester * Dorothy Armstrong * Fiona Tunnicliffe*Karen Kennedy*Charlie Seakins

Illustrations by: Anna Crichton

Jewellery by: Kaz Bos * Su McPherson * Jose Bribiesca * Lesley Hartig * Robyn Kunin*Judy Newton

Glass by: John Penman

Bronzes by: Jay Lloyd

Dolls by: Helen Mills * Jennifer Town * Claire Inwood  * Su McPherson*Sue Carmont

Flax Weaving by: Maureen Harte * Carole Innes

Paintings by: Maxine Parkin-Jones * Katie Trinkle-Legge

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